Seems as though the holiday knitting, being all finished and gifted, has given me the boost to finish up something that’s been languishing since spring. I began this sweater in Autumn 2005, but got sidetracked by last year’s holiday knitting, and some doll-making as well. By the time it was all done, it was May and the weather was too warm to sit with a mass of wool (OK, not just any wool, but Louisa Harding Grace, a 50/50 wool/silk combo that just floats though your hands) on my lap. And as the weather cooled, it was time again for the holiday knits, but on Boxing Day I pulled it out and got back to work.

When I pulled it out of the project bag, it was just long enough to cover the bust. And there were only 4 balls of yarn left. Meaning I had to figure out whether I wanted to switch to the purple of the same color, make contrasting sleeves, or find more of the peacock blue. I lucked out and found it online, and went back to work with the goal of finishing it before I leave for snowy climes on Monday, since we California girls don’t often see that white, cold stuff and our wardrobes don’t work so well at below-freezing temps.

The extra yarn arrived yesterday, and this evening, here’s where I stand:

I got sleeves

Yup – body done, sleeves started and ready to transfer onto the double circs to work them in tandem. I think there may be hope that I can not freeze to death in the next two weeks!

And the surprise scart for my niece? Here’s what it looked like BP (before pulling). Baby alpaca, yummy colors, and entertaining as well!



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