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February 19, 2008

Glub, glub, glub…

I finished the sweater! Unfortunately, I finished a sweater that would fit someone about 6 sizes bigger than I am – and I’m not one of those eensy-beensy little waifs either. I seem to have difficulty reconciling my body image with my body. Of course, no other knitter in history has ever done this, I’m sure. Still, I am determined to have a sweater I can be proud to wear, and fortunate that I’d decided on a top-down raglan. The neckline and sleeves are just fine, but the body from the armholes down seems to be sized for one of the dancing hippos in Fantasia, and has some very odd shaping to boot. Having put about $120 into the yarn for this, I will be giving it a second chance.

Rather than simply going with a stockinette body, I’m thinking to re-knit it with ribbing beginning under the arms and tapering into the center. In theory, this should give me a much better silhouette and be visually slimming as well – two birds with one stone! I’m also thinking that the bands at the cuffs (which you can’t see but are the same length as the one at the hem) should be about twice as wide; the way they look now seems a bit truncated. However, maybe the hem border will come off and I’ll just have it on the sleeves. So we’ll see if I can manage to redo this before warm weather strikes again.

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February 1, 2008

Good Intentions and Foul Results

Good intentions – hah! The sweater hasn’t been touched in three weeks; two days before a scheduled departure for parts snowy, I had about 3/4 of the first sleeve done, and tried it on. Either this was a very good thing, or really stupid. Had I just kept on knitting, I probably would have had a warm sweater for the trip – but it would have had sleeves wide enough to carry groceries in! OK, so it’s probably good in the long run, but I didn’t have time to finish it before leaving, so I thought I would take along a baby sweater to knit on the trip. I was going to try EZ’s Baby Surprise, and thought I had it well in hand, but I should know that every time I want to start a new project, I shouldn’t try to do it on the road. What with airports and hotels and a baby to tend and hours in a van, you would think it wouldn’t be that big a deal to do straight garter stitch.

In my insanity, I first managed to decrease only on one side of the markers; about 10 rows in, I realized the problem and ripped it out. Then I started over and was decreasing on both sides of the marker, but got confused (I think it was the 4:30 am departure without caffiene) and decided I was doing it wrong. Yeah, you try reading a xerox of the pattern in Midway Airport when the cleaning crews are all working and there’s a wide-awake baby making conversation and the TVs are all set to some shopping channel that is at a volume appropriate for a football stadium. So I gamely started it again. Somewhere near Albany NY, I gave it up and cast on for a top-down raglan cardigan.

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