Good Intentions and Foul Results

Good intentions – hah! The sweater hasn’t been touched in three weeks; two days before a scheduled departure for parts snowy, I had about 3/4 of the first sleeve done, and tried it on. Either this was a very good thing, or really stupid. Had I just kept on knitting, I probably would have had a warm sweater for the trip – but it would have had sleeves wide enough to carry groceries in! OK, so it’s probably good in the long run, but I didn’t have time to finish it before leaving, so I thought I would take along a baby sweater to knit on the trip. I was going to try EZ’s Baby Surprise, and thought I had it well in hand, but I should know that every time I want to start a new project, I shouldn’t try to do it on the road. What with airports and hotels and a baby to tend and hours in a van, you would think it wouldn’t be that big a deal to do straight garter stitch.

In my insanity, I first managed to decrease only on one side of the markers; about 10 rows in, I realized the problem and ripped it out. Then I started over and was decreasing on both sides of the marker, but got confused (I think it was the 4:30 am departure without caffiene) and decided I was doing it wrong. Yeah, you try reading a xerox of the pattern in Midway Airport when the cleaning crews are all working and there’s a wide-awake baby making conversation and the TVs are all set to some shopping channel that is at a volume appropriate for a football stadium. So I gamely started it again. Somewhere near Albany NY, I gave it up and cast on for a top-down raglan cardigan.

What made this almost pleasant was the lovely Lorna’s Laces “Tickled Pink” Shepherd Sock that I was playing with throughout (left-hand column, fifth one down).

On this past trip, I finally got to Toronto, which meant a visit to Lettuce Knit. Of course, I didn’t take a camera, but can at least show you the damages:


The Tulip Baby Jacket kit from Dream in Color! I made the Rocketry boy-version last summer, but since someone I know is expecting a new girl soon, I figured it was a good excuse to make the trip across Toronto last Tuesday (yes, it was snowing, of course!) and see the hallowed spot from whence the Tulip came.

I was shocked to fine that, by the time I made it to the register, several skeins and other oddities had made it into my bag as well; witness the Dream in Color Classy in Aurora (promised as a wearable attempt at the Baby Surprise); the Alchemy Bamboo in “Delphinium” (a skinny summer scarf for me); and the Dream in Color Smooshy in a dignified and manly “Black Parade” (socks for Noah that he can wear with shoes.) Some DPN’s as I was thinking I might get to the sleeves of the already-started cardigan before I got home. Like there was a chance that was happening! And just in case that miracle occurred, I picked up another Addi circular so I could start the Tulip if I was really burning through the yarn. Magazines? What magazines? That’s not really YARN money getting spent there, that’s reading material, right?

Best of intentions again, I struck out through Toronto’s snowy thoroughfares, only to chicken out on the subway/bus option as I had no map and was totally sure that I would end up at Niagara Falls before I found my way back aboveground. Yeah, I totally just flagged down a cabbie. Sure, the bus would have dropped me in front of the very castle-like house we were staying at, but I just couldn’t face that much adventure.

The next day (that would be Wednesday of last week) we left Toronto with me still slogging along on that little cardigan and resenting every stitch of it – I wanted to be doing the Tulip or finishing my own sweater, and I was getting jealous of the time this tiny thing was taking. Little did I know… somewhere between Toronto and SFO, I caught some lovely bug that woke me at 4:30 that morning and gave me two days of barely being able to keep down water. It must have been flu, because every muscle hurt to the point that even holding a knitting needle caused a horrid ache.

So, 10 days later, fully recovered, I am finally trying to catch up with my life. I’ve decided to open a home business and am putting as much time as I can into setting up a business plan, getting a web site up, making up cards and marketing materials, and in general putting my life in an order I can live with. And the tiny Lorna’s Laces sweater? I’m doing the last sleeve now and should be able to get back to the “real” knitting in short order1


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