Little girls, big fun

I confess, I’m a multi-craft person. Sure, I knit (or this blog would be non-existent) but I also sew, make masks and costumes, and do art projects. So when I went to my local JoAnn’s for some small purchase, and saw that cottons were 40% off that day, I decided to do a little sewing project for some friends.

In my “real” life, I have a home business doing baby-tending, errands, shopping and the like. All of the people I tend babies for are connected through music (most are faculty at Stanford, where I used to work) and there are two lovely, and very lively young ladies upon whom I dote unmercifully. Marie’s mum teaches collaborative piano and diction (in German, French and Italian) and Kira’s mum is the violist with the St. Lawrence String Quartet.

I found two lovely butterfly-design fabrics in lavender shades, a simple sundress pattern, and went to work. Each dress took about 4 hours including cutting time, and I found a pattern on the Internets for a six-section sun hat with a ruffle to round out the outfits. Here’s Kira’s version, which has a 2″ hem take-up that will allow her to grow a bit and still enjoy the dress next summer. Marie’s legs are longer, so her dress didn’t have that feature.

Last week, both girls and their mums got together for a play date and to show off their new duds.

Here’s Kira on her mum’s lap, and me holding Marie on the right, and below is the girls sharing a cracker and showing the back of the dress.

Marie’s dress has green buttons on the back, since her fabric has green leaves in it, and Kira’s has pink to match the pink butterflies. The hats have matching buttons on the top and ribbon ties that match the fabrics. No pix of the hats, though – getting the two of them still enough for a picture was a sufficient challenge for three above-average adults!

I think I’m pretty fortunate to spend time with these girls. I’ve traveled a lot with Kira and her mum, as the quartet does a lot of concerts – one of the nice “perks” of the job is that Lesley also knits, so understands when I use my free time to visit new shops. When we were in Toronto last time, I managed to get to Lettuce Knits (the Harlot’s home base) and posted about the great swag I came home with. She’s a happy girl, and a very competent traveler for someone that’s not yet 2 years old. Marie lives in a semi-rural area near the campus, and we go for walks while her mum tends the new sister. One of our favorite places to go is a piece of land where grapes are grown and in the field next to the vines we often see a flock of sheep (I counted 4 ewes, a ram, and eight lambs, who are all in the pogo-stick phase of leaping over everything) and their magnificent guard, a statuesque black llama. I’m scheming a way to meet the owners and inquire about their fiber, find out if there’s a spinner in residence, and generally cozy up to them

Today was also big fun, as the Maker Faire was happening only 20 minutes from my house. I hopped out of bed this morning, had a leisurely breakfast, did the crosswords, and left home about 10 minutes of 10. By 10:20, I was at the main stage in the 3rd row, chatting up other knitters, admiring some stunning socks, and having a lovely time waiting to hear the Harlot. As always, she’s effervescent, entertaining, and edifying all at once. Since I’d forgotten my camera, and the camera on my phone is lame, one of my seatmates, SarahMiss from Ravelry, took a photo of me with the Harlot (I returned the favor of course) and is going to email it to me later. I’ll be proud to post it! and here it is. There I am in my first lace, holding the famed traveling sock. I gifted Steph with some home-made soaps and jars of chutney and jam (should have also given her a spoon, I’ll remember that part next time.)

And here’s the kind and lovely SarahMiss who shot the photo:

Maker Faire had a pretty decent craft component (no sheep, but some spinning and a moderate amount of yarn was represented.) I picked up a hefty 1750-yard skein of Passion laceweight merino solar-dyed by Ceallach in a subtle lavender/pink/earth mix (I think it’s Passionate Pink on their site) that will become my first lace shawl. My only other indulgence was at the Verb/Tactile table where I picked up a Schacht spindle that can be used as top or bottom weighted. I have one spindle and it’s a bottom, so I though it would be nice to try a top as well; the fact that this one is “reversible” just made it more appealing. They also had a book called “Spinning in the Old Way” that jumped into my bag along with 2 ounces of Blue Face Leicester dyed Aubergine – a lovely greyish eggplant.

Maker Faire is much fun, many strange things and people and more than I could absorb for very long. The best description I could give is that it’s kind of like Burning Man in its creativity, but with the schmaltz, commercialism, and food vendors you’d find at a County Fair.

Now it’s time to turn the heels on those socks that have been languishing for a few weeks.


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  1. Adorable! And the yarn will make a wonderful shawl.

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