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January 15, 2009

Knitters Without Borders and Farewell

For those of you who frequent the Yarn Harlot‘s blog, you’ll know that I have promised to provide a sack of soap to three people who have donated to Doctors Without Borders.

I just want to let everyone know that I will be making soaps in the next week to ten days.  My life has become rather busy at the moment, as my mother died Dec. 26 and I am caught up in all the ramifications of settling the estate and handling the finances.  As soon as I can carve out a day without demands, soaps will be made and sent to the three lucky winners!

Also, this is my notice that I will be letting this blog pass into history as well.  I realized last year that I really didn’t have the desire to be a regular blogger, and that time spent trying to take photos and write about my knitting was taking away time from the actual production of knitted goods, as well as from other things in my life that requred actual human-to-human interaction.

Add to this the fact that, after a traumatic head injury that severely affected my memory and ability to write, it was really a struggle to try to put together a coherent and readable post.

So I’m going back to being a blog-less person as of this post.  I’d much rather spend my internet time reading really good and entertaining posts instead of struggling to produce a less than satisfying (at least to me) product here.

So, go – knit, help someone, give some time to an effort that needs your support.  Get involved in your community, grow a garden, share your bounty, and be thankful for every day!