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May 3, 2008

Little girls, big fun

I confess, I’m a multi-craft person. Sure, I knit (or this blog would be non-existent) but I also sew, make masks and costumes, and do art projects. So when I went to my local JoAnn’s for some small purchase, and saw that cottons were 40% off that day, I decided to do a little sewing project for some friends.

In my “real” life, I have a home business doing baby-tending, errands, shopping and the like. All of the people I tend babies for are connected through music (most are faculty at Stanford, where I used to work) and there are two lovely, and very lively young ladies upon whom I dote unmercifully. Marie’s mum teaches collaborative piano and diction (in German, French and Italian) and Kira’s mum is the violist with the St. Lawrence String Quartet.

I found two lovely butterfly-design fabrics in lavender shades, a simple sundress pattern, and went to work. Each dress took about 4 hours including cutting time, and I found a pattern on the Internets for a six-section sun hat with a ruffle to round out the outfits. Here’s Kira’s version, which has a 2″ hem take-up that will allow her to grow a bit and still enjoy the dress next summer. Marie’s legs are longer, so her dress didn’t have that feature.

Last week, both girls and their mums got together for a play date and to show off their new duds.

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March 7, 2008

I Can’t Believe I’m Spinning!

No, I’m not writing another of those cheesy how-to books. But last night I took my first “real” drop-spindle class! I say “real” because I did get an introduction to the craft from Lynn at Mad About Ewes when I visited Lewisburg PA last October. Lynn generously ushered me into spinning when I stopped in to get some DPNs for a project that was on the needles, and by the time I left a couple of hours later, I had my own spindle, a lovely bag of roving, and a copy of Hands On Spinning to get me started.

Because the holiday knitting was totally consuming my time and energy, the spinning didn’t get a glance until a couple of weeks ago. I pulled out the book and supplies, but couldn’t seem to get into the groove, so started checking out the various LYSes and found that Purlescence had a spinning night! I made the short trek to Sunnyvale that very evening, about 2 weeks before Stitches West, and Sandi kindly gave me a bit of attention. But because of SW, there was a lot going on, and Sandy said she’d be doing a spinning class in March.

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