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May 23, 2008

The pitter-patter of little feet

There are six new feet at Villa Incognito this week! Though one might be led to believe that this means I have adopted triplets, think again. Here’s one pair:

My favorite colors

The long-delayed socks that I started in March are finally a reality! My knitting process seems to be very much a start and start-over methodology. I cast on, get a few rows done, realize I’ve goofed something up, and frog it all and begin again. In the case of these particular items of footwear, I started (several times) and managed to get to the heel after a number of false starts that caused me to frog back to the toe at least twice. We last saw these at the heel, where my first idea was to do an afterthought heel; the color changes in the yarn meant that, had I decided to continue with the main yarn, the front of the sock would have had a noticeable jump in the progression of the colors.

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December 8, 2007

What the Flock?

Aloha, Shalom, Salaam Aleikum, Bienvenue, Wilcommen, and Hello! What the Flock is my first attempt at blogging, and thank you for taking a moment to check it out. It represents how bemused I am at the rate at which knitting is taking over my life. You’ve heard the one about what the sheep herder did when things got heavy – he got the flock out of town…

I’m a semi-accomplished knitter who took up the craft about 5 years ago; it seems I’m a very slow starter but am getting up to speed and enjoy finding ways to challenge myself to develop my range of techniques and build my confidence, as you’ll see by some of my projects and how they grow.

Depending on the circumstances, knitting is an obsession,a learning curve, a tonic, and a depressant. But Obsessive seems to be the dominant mode.The fact that my car seems to have developed a yarn compass, or that yarn seems to be hiding in an inordinate number of places in my house, could be an indicator that I’m well into the compulsive stage. If I find myself in a new town, is it a problem that the first thing I do after putting down my suitcase is to look in the Yellow Pages for a yarn store – that is, if I haven’t already Googled that information, located my hotel, and mapped a course to everything that’s conceivably in reach and ascertained their hours of operation?

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