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March 3, 2008

Tulips and Toesies

At last report, the Tulip was in detention for being way too tense in its I-cord; happily, it saw the error of its ways, voluntarily frogged itself, and reknit itself while I was sleeping… NOT! However, it was very cooperative on the whole process, and I was able to finish it off in a couple of hours, which makes me almost feel like a “real knitter!”

I’m not one of those perfectionist knitters; I approach each new project with the attitude that ripping out is a learning experience. And I get LOTS of learning experience every time. With the Tulip, I was feeling pretty sure of myself, since I’d completed the Rocketry version last summer without too much un-doing. But, different pattern, different techniques. With Rocketry, once I’d gotten past the gauge issue, it essentially just skipped along. I love these patterns because they are easy enough to understand, but the color changes (and the methodology thereof) give you a bit of a pick-up every eighth row. Downside to that pickup is that every eighth row, you have ends to weave in. And as we know, getting a little over-confident is like a large neon sign to the Knitting Goddesses saying, “OK, whack me upside the head with a stupid and easily correctable error that will have me tearing out my hair and using words no self-respecting cat companion should be forced to endure.”

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